Cosmetic Storage Box, Net Celebrity Desktop, Large-Capacity Finishing Dressing Table

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D0101HHE9L2-Coral powder-LED mirror plus USB
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Product information:
Product Category: Desktop Storage Box
Whether to import: No
Model: 1003
material: plastic
Specific material: ABS
Proportion of new plastic materials: 100% new materials
Function: Organize
Storage scene: table
Scope of application: cosmetics
Style: Japanese
Pattern: LOGO
Capacity: 24L
Specification: Extra large
Color: LED smart mirror+USB[coral pink], LED smart mirror+USB[malachite green], LED smart mirror+USB[mango yellow], mirror [coral pink], mirror [malachite green], mirror Models [Mango Yellow], Mirrorless Models [Coral Pink], Mirrorless Models [Malachite Green], Mirrorless Models [Mango Yellow]

Packing list:
Storage box x1

Weight(g): Coral powder-LED mirror plus USB:2961; Coral powder-Mirror:2818; Coral powder-No mirror:2542; Malachite Green-LED mirror plus USB:2961; Malachite Green-Mirror:2818; Malachite Green-No mirror:2542; Mango Yellow-LED mirror plus USB:2961; Mango Yellow-Mirror:2818; Mango Yellow-No mirror:2542.

Package Weight(g): Coral powder-LED mirror plus USB:3000; Coral powder-Mirror:2850; Coral powder-No mirror:2600; Malachite Green-LED mirror plus USB:3000; Malachite Green-Mirror:2850; Malachite Green-No mirror:2600; Mango Yellow-LED mirror plus USB:3000; Mango Yellow-Mirror:2850; Mango Yellow-No mirror:2600.

Package Size(mm): 350*270*370.