Desktop Computer Increased Rack Display Box BaStorage se

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Product information:  

Function: waterproof with drawer
Material: wooden
Style: Nordic style
shape: rectangle
Popular elements: pure color
Applicable space: office
Color classification: A: [yellow wood grain] large double layer + drawer
B: [Raw wood color] large double layer + drawer
C: [yellow wood grain] medium double layer + drawer
D: [Raw wood color] medium double layer + drawer
E: [yellow wood grain] three-layer side cabinet + drawer
F: [Original wood color] Three-layer side cabinet + drawer
G: [yellow wood grain] large single layer-no drawer
H: [Raw wood color] large single layer without drawer
I: [yellow wood grain] medium single layer-no drawer
J: [Raw wood color] medium single layer without drawer
K: [yellow wood grain] double layer (recommended for notebook) Drawer
L: [Raw wood color] Double layer (recommended for notebook) Drawer
M: [yellow wood grain] single layer (notebook recommended)
N: [Raw wood color] single layer (notebook recommended)
O: [New-Brazilian Brown] Large Double + Drawer
P: [New-Brazilian Brown] Medium Double + Drawer
Q: [New-Brazilian Brown] Three-layer side cabinet + drawer
R: [New-Brazilian Brown] Medium Single Layer Without Drawer
S: [New-Aorui White] Large Double + Drawer
T: [New-Ao Rui Bai] Medium Double + Drawer
U: [New-Ao Ruibai] Three-layer side cabinet + drawer
V: [New-Aoruibai] medium single layer without drawer
Applicable objects: Sundries Applicable people: the public

Size information:
As shown

Increased frame x1

Weight(g): A: 1500; B: 1500; C: 1500; D: 1500; E: 2000; F: 2000; G: 2000; H: 2000; I: 3000; J: 3000; K: 3000; L: 3000; M: 3500; N: 3500; O: 4000; P: 4000; Q: 4000; R: 4500; S: 4500; T: 4500; U: 5000; V: 5000.

Package Weight(g): A: 1600; B: 1600; C: 1600; D: 1600; E: 2100; F: 2100; G: 2100; H: 2100; I: 3100; J: 3100; K: 3100; L: 3100; M: 3600; N: 3600; O: 4100; P: 4100; Q: 4100; R: 4600; S: 4600; T: 4600; U: 5100; V: 5100.

Package Size(mm): 620*220*100.