Modern Bathroom / Vanity Mirror

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Blast-resistant glass: Scatter prevention and explosion-proof membrane, the burst-proof, shattered glass will not be spilled out even impacted by an external force, more safe and protective.

Excellent Reflective Clarity

Classic Alloy framed design: Anti-rust in moisture bathroom



Style Name:Modern & Contemporary

Manufacturer Part Number:JJ00939ZZE

Max Order Quantity:1000


Adding a decent mirror is a simple and concise solution for a bathroom remodel, find it more appropriate for modern bathroom decoration styles. Able to place on the wall above the sink. This mirror is large enough for a double sink bathroom vanity combo set, perfect for applying makeup, checking one’s appearance, fixing one’s hair, or basically anything that helps you to look presentable.

3 colors available: Classic Black, Decent Silver and Graceful Gold, choose a color that matches well with the overall color scheme of your bathroom.

Easy Installation: Pre-drilled gourd holes on back side of the mirror, easily hang on the wall.