Rustic Umbrella Stand with Engraved Details, Set of 2, Brown

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Bullet 1:Set of 2 Umbrella Stands for your entryway

Bullet 2:Features engraved details

Bullet 4:Handles for easy relocation

Bullet 5:Durable metal construction

Bullet 6:Clean with soft, dry cloth


Material:Metal Alloy

Shipping Dimension:22 inch L x 11 inch W x 11 inch H

Shipping Time:Within 48 Hours


These set of 2 Umbrella stands will make great use in your entryway, hallway, or porch. It has an antique brown finish that effortlessly blends with all decor styles at ease. Available in two varied sizes that offer you enough space, it exudes rustic elegance with a vintage appeal. It is made up of metal and has an umbrella design embossed on it along with intriguing design at the top. The side handles make it easy to carry and set it at different places as required.

Bullet 3: Overall Dimension: 21 inch L x 10 inch W x 10 inch H (Large), 9 inch L x 9 inch W x 16 inch H

Bullet 7: It offers sufficient storage to keep your umbrellas organized and showcase them in a decorative manner